10 Signs You Might Really be an Ancient Greek


Ever feel like you were born in the wrong time or place? Do you feel like you might be better suited for a much different era? Who knows, maybe you’re an ancient Greek living in modern times. Here are ten ways to tell:

1. You Love Wine

From reds to rosé to white wines, the ancient Greeks should be celebrated for their advancements in viticulture—in fact, one of the earliest known wine presses was discovered on Crete. Not only did wine play a large role in the daily life of the ancient Greeks, it also helped Greece establish trade with many neighboring territories.

Greek wine
Photo: BabelStone
2. You Love Pancakes

Yes, the ancient Greeks made their own version of pancakes: flour, olive oil, honey, and curdled milk, cooked in a frying pan just like we do today. Next time you make a big breakfast, skip the syrup and try topping your pancakes with honey, sesame, and cheese—ancient Greek style.

3. You Love to Read

Western literature can be traced back to the epic poetry of the Greeks—just look at the Iliad and the Odyssey, which greatly influenced the trajectory of modern storytelling. Ancient Greek culture put a large emphasis on the importance of literature, helping humanity define the genre of lyric poetry and setting other genres on course. And let’s not forget Aristotle, who helped establish the first criteria for literary criticism. Make sure you tip your hat to the Greeks next time you pick up a novel.
4. You Watch Netflix

If you love stories acted out on stage or the big screen, thank the ancient Greeks, who essentially created “drama.” The ancient playwright Sophocles is known for his creation of irony as a literary technique; Aristophanes is famous for shaping the use of comedy; Aeschylus changed the way modern script writers approach tragedy; and Euripides used his plays to challenge social norms (sound familiar?).
5. You Enjoy Art

The ancient Greeks were a large influence on both art and architecture. Their technical architectural standards spread to Roman buildings and beyond, while their impressive arts inspired generations upon generations of European artists.

Athena Herakles
6. You Love Your Smartphone

We all remember learning about Pythagoras and his theorem in High School math class, so it probably isn’t a surprise that the ancient Greeks contributed to many mathematical advancements. They also developed astronomy and made big strides in other scientific fields. Science is perhaps one of the ancient Greeks’ largest contributions to the modern world, forming the basis for all modern mathematics and science—this ultimately led to, yes, even the code that went into creating your smartphone.

Aristarchus working
7. You Take Care of Your Health

Hippocrates is considered the “father of medicine,” contributing to many important medical discoveries back in ancient times. He also founded the Hippocratic school of medicine, which established medicine as a distinct profession.
8. You Love Democracy

Government has its shortcomings and pitfalls, but it also helps maintain order for large populations. While we still have along way to go, modern law is far from primitive. The ancient Greeks are famous for the establishment of social structures, advanced economic systems, and, yes, democracy—all versions of which we live by today.
9. You’re a Sports Fan

We all know the basic history of the Olympic Games. This significant religious event for the ancient Greeks went on to become a long-term, worldwide tradition that has shaped the landscape of modern athletics.

10. You Think Too Much

Ancient Greece was home to well known philosophers: Plato, Socrates, and many more. While reason, inquiry, and education didn’t begin with the Greeks, members of ancient Greek society helped bring humanity’s thinking ahead by leaps and bounds.

Raphael School of Athens

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