8 “Pimp Cups” From Ancient Times

Photo: Carole Raddato
Cover photo (Lil Jon): Gamerscore blog

The pimp cup dates back long before Lil Jon was getting crunk. Ceremonial cups for drinking alcoholic beverages have been a feature of civilization for thousands of years. Check out these 8 ancient cups that set the standard for the modern pimp cup.
1. Lycurgus Cup – Rome

Lycurgus Cup
Photo: Marie-Lan Nguyenfor Old-Sc

This Roman pimp cup dates back to the fourth century and is way more impressive than any pimp cup today. Why? The Lycurgus Cup is “made of a dichroic glass, which shows a different colour depending on whether or not light is passing through it; red when lit from behind and green when lit from in front” – Wikipedia.
2. Phallic Rhyton – Greece

Photo: Carole Raddato

Drinking from this would surely make a statement. This pimp cup was dug up in a well in ancient Greece. It’s a Rhyton, which is a Greek name for a ceremonial drinking vessel.
3. The Warren Cup – Rome

Warren Cup
Photo: Marie-Lan Nguyen

What’s more pimp than drinking from a shiny cup with people performing sex acts all over it? This obviously Roman pimp cup sits in the British Museum and is made of silver and adorned with erotic imagery.
4. Band Cup – Greece

Band Cup

This Greek pimp cup would look boss sitting on the table in front of someone. It has handles on each side, so maybe two people can hold it and tip it back into some Greek pimp’s mouth. Well, perhaps it wasn’t used that way, but the Greek’s sure knew how to make a statement with this battle-scene covered pimp cup.
5. Drinking Horn – Scandinavia

Drinking Horn

The Vikings are famous for this pimp cup, but the idea of carving out an animal horn and drinking from it (like a boss) dates back much earlier.
6. Kantharos – Greece


This Greek pimp cup was likely associated with Dionysus, the Greek god of wine. Drinking from this pimp cup itself was godlike, “removing in moments of ecstasy the burden of self-consciousness and elevating man to the rank of deity.” – Wikipedia. Now that’s boss.
7. Gu – China


The ancient Chinese pimp cup dates back to Bronze Age China way back in 1650 B.C. and looks like the precursor to the modern champagne flute or wine glass. Its long stem let’s one look damn good while sipping Chinese wine.
8. Mycenaean gold goblet – Mycenae

Mycenaean gold goblet

This direct descendant of the pimpin’ gold chalice dates all the way back to 1500 B.C. in Mycenae, an area of ancient Greece that peaked long before the classical Athenian era.

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