How to Drink Like a Viking


The Vikings are one of history’s most fascinating people. In the early middle ages, from late 700 A.D. to about 1100 A.D., the sea-fairing Vikings came from their home in the Scandinavian regions of the North, (Denmark, Norway, and Sweden), and conquered large areas of land in Northern and Central Europe. And they defeated large armies to do it.

We also know the Vikings to have been a culturally rich people, with fascinating customs, and a love of boats and exploration.

And like many cultures throughout history. They loved a good drink. So if you admire the Vikings and want to drink like one, here are four ways to do it:

1. Use a Viking drinking horn

drink like a viking

But how do you set it down??

One of the coolest things about Viking drinking culture is the use of special horn-shaped drinking vessels.

The Vikings are believed to have drunk their mead and beer from special horn-shaped drinking vessels made from goat and cattle horns that probably looked pretty darn badass.

Drinking horn

Viking women = badass

If you really want to drink like a Viking, get yourself a drinking horn. You can purchase one from Grimfrost, online, or you could even make your own.
2. Drink mead


Bees + booze = buzzed

What is mead? Mead is an alcoholic drink made from fermented honey that the Vikings consumed and incorporated into their myths. Mead features prominently in an old Viking myth and was considered sacred.

But you don’t have to participate in in a Viking ceremony to drink mead. There are many places you can find modern mead. If you really want to drink like a Viking, pick up some mead and dream of all the land you want to conquer.
3. Drink beer

Found at any hipster bar

Found at any hipster bar

In addition to mead, the Vikings drank simple beer. Beer has always been a popular drink throughout history because it’s made from grain, one of the first crops to be domesticated.

Viking beer probably wouldn’t taste like a Bud Light, though. They brewed beer in much the same way as today, except they also incorporated other ingredients, such as juniper. Look for special Viking beer varieties from specialty brewers to get a taste of the type of beer the Vikings chugged.
4. Treat your drink with respect

Viking myths

Norse myths are hardcore

The Vikings may have loved to drink, but they also had great respect for its powers. They treated mead and beer as sacred, and if you want to drink like a Viking, you should, too.

Aside from its mention in cultural myths and legends, the Vikings used alcoholic beverages as part of ceremonies and rituals. “Consuming the divine beverage was considered a core part of any celebrations, marriages and meetings. During such events, the warriors, served by the lady of the house would hail the Gods and their ancestors… Through drinking, Norsemen would therefore weave their fates and address the Gods” –

So go out there and drink like a Viking, but always drink responsibly!

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