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History Hustle, LLC is a media company created in 2016 to meet the need of true place for history buffs online. History Hustle puts an emphasis on factual reporting and human stories. We believe history is relatable and relevant, and we aim to present it that way, as a response to too much misinformation, violence, and clickbait out there. We also aim to show that all of us, no matter our heritage, have a fascinating history, and each person comes from a long legacy of incredible feats of human ability, intelligence, and creativity.

History Hustle is a history site for the digital and mobile age.

History Hustle was created for the digital and mobile age. It’s a place for history buffs to call their own. History Hustle aims to make history relatable, inspiring, and always interesting.

With lists, videos, articles, quizzes, teacher resources and more, History Hustle seeks to be a place for learning and entertainment. The more we learn about history, the better we understand our world, and the better we understand each other.

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Joe Gillard is a history buff, media entrepreneur, and author of The Little Book of Lost Words.

Joe founded History Hustle, LLC in 2016 to meet the need of a history destination for the digital age, and one that focused on the human side of history, instead of the usual war content. A career in media and marketing led Joe to merge his experience with his passion for history, in creating History Hustle, LLC.

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