10 Hilarious Times Darwin Was Having Just the Worst Day

Charles Darwin had a lot of bad days. Some of his finest moments of whining have been preserved for history, thanks to places such as the Darwin Correspondence Project.

Here are ten highlights that will be relatable to anyone who has ever had to work or go to school.


1. “I am very poorly today and very stupid and hate everybody and everything.”

A classic. Something we feel every Monday, really.


2. “I hate myself, I hate clover, and I hate Bees.”

I don’t think he meant it. But working on one thing for so long can make you feel that way.


3. “I hate a Barnacle as no man ever did before.”

What on Earth did a barnacle do to this poor man?

File:Charles Darwin 1816.jpg
A young Darwin before the world apparently steamrolled his hopes and dreams and made him miserable.

4. “All this is very annoying.”

Yes. Yes it is.


5. “I am sick of the subject, and myself, and the world.”

Well, thanks for the sacrifice, Chucky D., because you really came through and gifted one of science’s greatest achievements.


6. “My paper was one long gigantic blunder from beginning to end.”

Highly doubt that, sir.


7. “I am the most miserable, bemuddled, stupid Dog in all England.”

Miserable? Probably. Stupid? No.


Resting grouch face.


8. “Your very stupid friend,

C. Darwin”

Self-deprecating letter signoff.


9. “Your miserable friend,

C. Darwin”

And another.


10. “I am very tired, very stomachy, and hate nearly the whole world.”

Oof. Rough day.






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