Charlemagne, ‘Father of Europe’ and First Holy Roman Emperor

By Mona Kreidl-Dear Without Charlemagne’s tremendous achievements, the progression and development of medieval Europe might not have been what we have come to revere, including the cornerstone of art, architecture, literature, commerce, and education. Charlemagne’s trusted advisor, Einhard, ostensibly recorded most of Charlemagne’s moderate feats as well as others with some embellishment. Despite this dichotomy, […]

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John Chapman Johnny Appleseed History Hustle Stephanie Weber preview image

Meet John Chapman, The Real Johnny Appleseed

By Stephanie Weber It’s September which evokes memories of apple-themed activities like going back-to-school and learning about Johnny Appleseed. While he seemed like a perfect storybook legend, he was actually a real person and his name was John Chapman. The real story of Johnny Appleseed is a little weirder than anything taught in schools. The […]

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Dolley Madison, the “First” First Lady

Ok, sure technically Martha Washington was the First First Lady, but she didn’t really want nor do anything with the position. It was Dolley Madison who took on the role as “Mother to the country” even before her husband was elected as President. During her lifetime, Dolley Payne Todd Madison was a partner to James […]

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