Joe Gillard


Joe Gillard is the founder of History Hustle and the author of The Little Book of Lost Words. Gillard and his work have been featured on NPR’s Here and Now, Quartz, Mental Floss, Grammar Girl, The Chive, Bored Panda, Cheezburger, the Culture Trip,, and more. Gillard was a guest presenter at Will Shortz’ Wonderful World of Words conference in 2019, and holds a passion for history and language.

Nicole Persun

Director of Growth

Nicole Persun is an author and works in publishing and marketing. Nicole writes under the pen name Jennifer Gold, and her women’s fiction books are published by Lake Union Publishing.

Contributing writers


Natasha Sheldon

Natasha Sheldon studied Ancient History and Archaeology at The Universities of Leicester and Bristol in the UK. Passionate about history and archaeology, she writes articles about various eras of history and the sites she has visited. Natasha is the author of several books, including Leicester in 100 Dates and Discovering Pompeii.

Megan Hamilton

Megan Hamilton is a journalist with more than 25 years of experience in writing on politics, history, and nature. A former newspaper reporter, she lives in the tropics of Central America where she sometimes writes on Aztec and Mayan history. She shares her home with her partner and far too many cats and dogs whom she loves with every inch of her being.

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