Ancient Greece Teacher Resources

ancient greece teacher resources

ancient greece teacher resources

Here are some ancient Greece teacher resources selected by History Hustle for history teachers. These resources will help make devising a class structure easier, with ancient Greece teacher resources that aim to help make learning engaging and fun. History Hustle believes history is for everyone, and these resources will help make that come true, whether you need a starting place or a robust plan.

Ancient Greece history is one of the most profoundly engaging periods in history, and can be one of the most fun to teach, with such a wealth of colorful stories and interesting, relatable characters. Ancient Greece was a period of incredible growth in the fields of philosophy, literature, art, science, and so much more. No doubt your students will agree that ancient Greece is a great way to introduce history to students who might otherwise find history a dull subject.

Here are some teacher resources here for you to get started on creating the perefect ancient Greece lesson plan for your history class.

Please note that these resources will be updated as more links are added. If you have your own teacher resources, we’d love to add them here! Please email us at info@historyhustle. Share your brilliance with the community!

Ancient Greece Lesson Plans

Here are ancient Mesopotamian lesson plans that you can copy or simply get inspired by.Again, we encourage you to leave email us any of your own lesson plans!

Lesson Plans – PBS

Lesson Plans – DCU Libraries

Lesson Plans – BBC

Ancient Greece Primary Sources

Check out some ancient Greece primary sources too! Below you’ll find links where you can access them:

Primary Sources – Perseus

Primary Sources – BYU

Primary Sources – Fordham University

Primary Sources – Le Moyne

History in Your Hands

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History in Your Hands is a fantastic nonprofit organization for history teachers. HIYH provides a unique, hands-on history learning experience for students to learn history in a tactile, sensory way that can be a more memorable and effective form of teaching than reading and writing alone.

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