Ancient Mesopotamia Teacher Resources

mesopotamia teacher resources

mesopotamia teacher resources

These Ancient Mesopotamia teacher resources were selected by the editor at History Hustle for history teachers to devise fun and interesting ways to teach ancient Mesopotamian history to their students and make history fun and engaging to learn.

Ancient Mesopotamian history goes back to the dawn of human civilization as we know it, and is the origin story for Western history that echoes into the modern world. Sargon the Great, the Sumerians, Assyria and Babylon, all of these rich stories are so much fun to learn about. Mesopotamian history dates back to around 4,000 B.C.E and thus remains one of the most ancient of all ancient civilizations. History Hustle provides some resources here to get started on creating the ultimate ancient Mesopotamian lesson plans for your students.

Students will fall in love with ancient Mesopotamian history because it’s so ancient, while remaining relatable. Teach them about the “oldest fart joke” in history, from the Sumerians, or Kubaba, the first woman ruler.

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Ancient Mesopotamia Lesson Plans

Here are ancient Mesopotamian lesson plans that you can copy or simply get inspired by.Again, we encourage you to leave email us any of your own lesson plans!

Lesson Plans – Mr. Donn’s Site

Lesson Plans – The Met

Lesson Plans – Univ. of Chicago

Ancient Mesopotamia Primary Sources

Check out some ancient Mesopotamian primary sources too! Below you’ll find links where you can access them:

Primary Sources – Fordham University

Primary Sources – University of Texas

Primary Sources – Yeshiva University

Primary Sources – Montana State University

Kubaba, the first woman ruler

Kubaba History Hustle picture
A barkeep and the world’s first woman ruler

These Mesopotamian history teacher resources include so much fun history, including the incredible story of Kubaba, a bartender who became the first known woman ruler. Students will marvel at how 4,500 years ago, a humble barkeep would go on to become the ruler of Sumer. With context and sources, students will learn the amazing facts, while also learning about what it means, how it fits into history, and how times have changed.

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This story, and many others, help introduce Mesopotamian history to your students in a fun, memorable way. Teacher, what are your favorite stories and facts from ancient Mesopotamia? Let us know in an email.

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