10 Medieval Facts that Will Absolutely Amaze You

These facts from History Hustle are completely true and sources are included. Which one is your favorite?

1. A little extreme, perhaps…

Double Fiddle History Hustle fact photo
Claremont Colleges (Harvey Mudd College)
Museum of Medieval Legal History


2. It’s raining cheese.

Medieval Cockaigne History Hustle fact photo
Encyclopedia Britannica


3. They could let this tradition die, but that would be no fun.

Medieval rent History Hustle fact photo
The Ceremony of Quit Rents


4. Sorry, had to add this one.

Medieval piss prophets History Hustle fact photo
National Institutes of Health
The London Magazine


5. Gotta love this one…

Medival Marital duel History Hustle fact image
FSC Club


6. Would this be you?

Medieval lord of misrule History Hustle fact photo
The Lord of Misrule


7. Okay, ew.

Medieval town crier History hutle fact photo
Windsor Town Crier
Concord Times


8. Thy mama is so rotund…

Medieval flyting History Hustle fact photo


9. History buffs going wild.

Medieval festival fact History Hustle


10. We’re all friends with one.

Medieval ealuscop History Huste fact photo

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