10 Unbelievable History Facts You Really Need to See

These facts from History Hustle are completely true and sources are included. Which one is your favorite?

1. Want to be a Garden Hermit?

Garden hermits History Hustle fact
Oxford University Press


2. The Founding Fathers bar tab is… impressive,

Founding fathers bar tab History Hustle fact
Chicago Tribune
Teaching American History


3. In Boston, women need their coffee.

Boston coffee shortage fact History Hustle
New England Historical Society
Letter from Abigail Adams


4. A medieval festival like no other.

Medieval festival fact History Hustle
Pennsic War


5. Sgt. Stubby is a good, good boy.

Sgt stubby fact History Hustle


6. Andrew Jackson’s cheese is bigger than yours.

Andrew Jackson cheese fact History Hustle
White House archives
Washington Post


7. The French were a little late to stop chopping people’s heads off.

Guillotine fact History Hustle


8. William Gladstone is a boss.

William Gladstone History Hustle fact
Gladstone Library


9. But did it come when it was called?.

Egyptian cat History Hustle fact
Guinness World Records


10. What a great day for this guy.

Gordias fact History Hustle

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