The 25 Best Victorian Slang Terms

Get ready to look like a gigglemug while you and your chuckaboos enjoy these Victorian slang terms from History Hustle. It’s all beer and skittles. 1. Bricky     2. Gas-Pipes     3. Sauce-Box     4. Gigglemug     5. Mafficking     6. Half-Rats     7. Daddles     8. Butter […]

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John Chapman Johnny Appleseed History Hustle Stephanie Weber preview image

Meet John Chapman, The Real Johnny Appleseed

By Stephanie Weber It’s September which evokes memories of apple-themed activities like going back-to-school and learning about Johnny Appleseed. While he seemed like a perfect storybook legend, he was actually a real person and his name was John Chapman. The real story of Johnny Appleseed is a little weirder than anything taught in schools. The […]

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