12 Black History Facts That Will Truly Amaze You

Black History Facts, featured image

1. Representation matters, just ask Mae Jemison.

picture of Mae Jemison, and write up about star trek fact

2. Clyde Foster brought color to NASA.

picture of Clyde Foster with write up about NASA, as part of Black history facts

3. A Science fair to remember indeed for Loonie Johnson.

pictures of Lonnie Johnson with write up about Super Soaker fact

4. Ellen and William Craft’s daring (and crafty) escape.

pictures of Ellen and William Craft with write up about their escape from slavery, in representation of Black History facts

5. Annie Lee Cooper won’t take no for an answer.

picture of Annie Lee Cooper with write up about the sheriff punching incident

6. If there’s a will, there’s a way – for Paul Williams, that is.

picture of Paul Williams with write up about his being an architect

7. Col. Shaw, lead. He did.

picture of Colonel Shaw Glory with write up about his leadership, in representation of Black History facts

8. Count on Lewis Latimer to make things better.

picture of Lewis Latimer with write up about his bulb invention

9. That first kiss. Yes, that one.

picture of Star Trek's 1968 interracial kiss, with write up about the first interracial kiss.

10. When the president himself knows Minnie Cox shouldn’t be dismissed.

pictures of eddy Roosevelt Minnie Cox, with write up about Black History facts

11. Fake it till you make it, right Captain Robert Smalls?

pictures of Robert Smalls with write up about his scape from slavery

12. The punishment that leads Thurgood Marshall to the Supreme Court.

picture of Thurgood Marshall with write up about his journey to the Supreme Court, as part of Black History facts

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